This page will gradually be filled up with stuff to help you with Paper 1.

This year it is an eco tourism venture in France called Les Maisonnettes..

Impressive bridge near Millau
Holidays by the pool in France
wine tasting
french cheese
horse riding

Paper 1 HL Business.doc General advice on how to approach this paper

The first wave of LM resources are here
LES MAISONNETTES.doc This is the case study from the IB double spaced (to make it easier for you to anotate!) and with some comments added.
Les Maisonettes notes.doc My inital thoughts and ideas on what you might think or say about LM. Please remember that you must actually answer the question asked and not try and fit these ideas in if they don't fit the questions.
Complete the following timeline.doc A simple introudctory activity to give an overview of the history of LM
Definitions and Subject terminology.doc Another introductory activity to ensure we all know what we are talking about.
Financial data ratios.doc How well is LM doing financially?
MArketing questions.doc Marketing questions based around LM
Human Resource Function A powerpoint with key HRM ideas from the case study and some nice little questions to provoke further thought from you.
Finance.ppt A powerpoint with key finance and accounting ideas from the case study and some nice litle questions to make you think
PEST Analysis.doc A brief PEST analysis of LM

SWOT Analysis EZ.doc A brief SWOT analyisis of LM