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Resources for accounts and finance
1. Source and Application funds.
Internal and exteranl finance
Financein the long, medim and
short term

Sources of finance.doc
venture capitalists In Business Radio programme
Sources of finance notes.pdf
Credit card finance notes.pdf
2. Investment appraisal.
Discounted cash flow
Net present value

Investment Appraisals
Investment Appraisala.doc
Factors effecting Investment decisions.doc Nice little case study looking at why a seemingly good long term business (Wind Turbines) is cutting capacaity rather than expanding it.
3. Working capital
Working capital cycle
Cash flow forecasts
Management of working capital

Sources of Cash Flow Problems.doc
working capital cycle.pdf
Cash flow forecasts.pdf

4. Budgeting
The purpose of budgets
Variance analysis

Budgets & Variances
Budgets and variance.pdf
5. Final Accounts
Accounts for limited companies
Trading account
Profit and loss account
Appropriation account
Balance sheets
Straight line method
Reducing balance method
Intangible assets
patents and copyrights
Stock Valuation
Profit and Loss Account
Stock Control notes.pdf
6. Ratio Analysis.
Profitability ratios
Gross profit margin
Net profit margin
Liquidity Ratios
Current ratios
Acid test
Efficiency ratios
Stock turnover
Debtor days
Creditor days
Shareholder ratios
Earnings per share
Dividend yield
Gearing Ratio
Interpretation of Accounts Ratio Analysis.ppt
Ratio Formula cards.doc
Ratio Analysis chart - template.doc