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A nice you tube film on supply & demand
2.1 Allocation of resources in market, mixed and planned economies.
2.2 Principle of equilibrium price, analyze simple market situations and changes in demand & supply
2.3 Causes of changes in demand & supply conditions and analyze changes and show effects in the market
2.4 Price elasticity of demand & supply and simple calculations
2.5 Usefulness of price elasticity in particular situations
2.6 Market failure and reasons for occurrence
2.7 Merits of the market system
2.8 Private and social costs, benefits and conflicts of these costs relating to : Conserving resources vs. using resources , public expenditure vs. private expenditure.
Rev : Market systems
Introduction to markets.ppt

Demand & Supply.ppt
Thongs aint what they used to be.doc
Demand & Supply - mind map
Changes in demand.doc
Demand & Supply scenarios
The SUPPLY curve.ppt

Business Costs
Cost worksheet (hw)
Cost worksheet (2)
Cost worksheet (3)

Price Elasticity of demand.ppt
Price Elasticity of supply.ppt
Price Elasticity.doc
Price Elasticity of demand

Market Failure.ppt
Market Failure - Activity - Genetically modified food.doc
Carbon trading.doc
public goods.pdf