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1. Marketing
1.1 Role of marketing
1.2 Market research (primary & secondary)
1.3 Presentation and use of results
1.4 Market segmentation (purpose and methods)
1.5 Mass market , niche market
1.6 Marketing mix
1.7 Product (design, brand, packaging, life cycle)
1.8 Price (price elasticity of demand, pricing methods, strategies)
1.9 Distribution channels
1.10 Promotion (advertising, sales, point of sale)
1.11 Marketing strategy
1.12 Marketing budget
Marketing Mix.ppt
Product Life Cycle & Boston Matrix.ppt
Market research mind map.doc
proper mkting mix q.ppt
Market Research task.doc
Aston Martin marketing.doc
Marketing skiing holidays.doc

2. Production
2.1 Using resources to produce goods and services
2.2 Methods of produstion (job, batch, flow)
2.3 Scale of production
2.4 Lean production
2.5 Costs and cost classification
2.6 Break even analysis and simple cost based decission making
2.7 Quality control
2.8 Location decisions
2.9 How to make production more efficient
Production methods.ppt
Quality control.ppt
Times 100 case study Nissan.pdf
location revision notes.pdf
Break Even Analysis
3. Financial information and decision making
3.1 Cash and cash flow forecasts
3.2 Profit (what is it and why does it matter)
3.3 Purpose and main elements of profit/loss account
3.4 Purpose and main elements of a balance sheet
3.5 Simple interpretation of financial statements using ratios
3.6 Working capital
3.7 Financial budgets
3.8 Users of accounts
finance and accounts.ppt
Cash flow forecasts.pdf
Ratio Analysis chart - template.doc
Ratio Formula cards.doc

PnL guide.doc