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1. Business activity
1.1. Business activity as a means of adding value and meeting needs.
1.2. Classification of national firms into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors.
1.3. Business growth and measurement of size.
1.4. Key features of own national economy.
Adding Value
Factors of production
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2. The organisation
2.1. Business objectives and their importance.
2.2. Stakeholders and their differing objectives.
2.3. Aims of private and public sector enterprises.
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Business Objectives
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3. Changing business environment
3.1. Government influence over decision making by using economic policy.
3.2. Impact of technology on business.
3.3. Business reaction to market changes.
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4. Economic environment
4.1. Mixed and market economies.
4.2. International trade ( access tomarkets/tariffs)
4.3. Problems of entering new markets abroad.
4.4. Competition and business.
4.5. Concept of exchange rates and how changes in them affect business.
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