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1. Nature of business activity.
1.1 What is a business?
1.2 Business functions.
1.3 Primary secondary and tertiary sectors.
Adding Value
Factors of production
Business functions.ppt
Business Objectives
Nature of Business Activity.pptx
2. Types of organisations
2.1 Public and Private sectors
2.2 NGO's
2.3 Starting a business
- reasons
- identifying a market opportunity
- possible problems faced at start-u
2.4 Profit based organisations
- sole traders
- partnerships
- companies/corporations
- franchises
2.5 Public - Private enterprise
Private and Public Sector Business
Types of business organisations.ppt
Alternatives to Profit Maximisation.doc
Case : Franchises
Nature of Business Activity.pptx

3. Stakeholders
3.1 Internal stakeholders
3.2 External stakeholders
3.3 Stakeholder conflict
Divorce of ownership and control notes.doc
4. Organisational objectives
4.1 Importance of objectives
4.2 Statements / mission statements
4.3 Aims and Objectives
4.4 Corporate social responsibility
4.5 Changes in corporate social responsibilty
4.6 Society's changing view

Organizational objectives.ppt
Business Objectives
Decision trees1.ppt
Decision trees 2.ppt
Fishbone Mapping.doc
Decision Trees activity.doc
Case : Ethics

Small green firms can succeed.doc

Business plans & SWOT + PEST + Porter's.ppt
5. External environment

Use of SWOT Analysis.doc
Technology powers F1 Williams team.doc
Technological environment
Trade Exchange rates & Balance of payments.ppt
Inflation article
Unemployment notes.doc
Pressure Groups.ppt

6. Organisational planning tools
6.1 Business plans
6.2 Decision making framework
- Decision trees
- Fishbone mapping
- Scientific vs. intuitive decision making
6.3 Internal and external constraints on decision making
Fishbone Mapping.doc
Force Field Analysis change.doc
Ishikawa or fishbone.doc

7. Growth and evolution
7.1 Economies and diseconomies of scale
7.2 Small vs. large organizations
7.3 Internal and External growth
7.4 Porter's generic strategies
7.5 Ansoff matrix
http://www.ted.com/talks/chris_anderson_of_wired_on_tech_s_long_tail.html-map.gifBusiness Size.pptBusiness size - homework.ppt
Economies of Scale.ppt
Economies and diseconomies of scale.doc
Rev : Economies of scale
Economies of Scale.doc
Minimum efficient scale.doc
Growth - sample answers
How do mergers happen.doc
acquisitions and takeovers
Ansoff matrix.doc

Growth of Firms
Takeover policy in Europe in business_20080124.ram

8. Change and management of change
8.1 Causes of change
8.2 Resistance to change
8.3 Modeling change analysis, Lewin's force field
8.4 Startegies to reduce impact of change and resistance to change
Another Tedtalks video This time by Chris Anderson on how the external environment is changing for many firms (V interesting bloke)
9. Globalisation
9.1 Multi-national companies
9.2 Regional trading blocks
Globalisation activity.doc
Globaisation notes.pdf