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Sources of economic growth and/or development
• Natural factors: the quantity and/or quality of land or raw materials
• Human factors: the quantity and/or quality of human resources
• Physical capital and technological factors: the quantity and/or quality of physical capital
• Institutional factors that contribute to development
• banking system
• education system
• health care
• infrastructure
• political stability
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Consequences of growth
• Externalities
• Income distribution
• Sustainability
Barriers to economic growth and/or development
• Poverty cycle: low incomes = low savings = low investment = low incomes = ...
• Institutional and political factors
• ineffective taxation structure
• lack of property rights
• political instability
• corruption
• unequal distribution of income
• formal and informal markets
• lack of infrastructure
• International trade barriers
• overdependence on primary products
• consequences of adverse terms of trade
• consequences of a narrow range of exports
• protectionism in international trade
• International financial barriers
• indebtedness
• non-convertible currencies
• capital flight
• Social and cultural factors acting as barriers
• religion
• culture
• tradition
• gender issues
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Growth and development strategies
• Harrod-Domar growth model
• Structural change/dual sector model
• Types of aid
• bilateral, multilateral
• grant aid, soft loans
• official aid
• tied aid
• Export-led growth/outward-oriented strategies
• Import substitution/inward-oriented strategies/protectionism
• Commercial loans
• Fair trade organizations
• Micro-credit schemes
• Foreign direct investment
• Sustainable development
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History of fair trade
Evaluation of growth and development strategies
• Evaluation of the following in terms of achieving growth and/or development
• aid and trade
• market-led and interventionist strategies
• The role of international financial institutions
• the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
• the World Bank
• private sector banks
• non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
• multinational corporations/transnational corporations (MNCs/TNCs)
• commodity agreements
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