The future's bright, the future's... Actually, what will the future be like?

A recent report a from the University of Kent shows that an increasing number of teenagers (i.e. You lot) are ditching emails for speedier and more social forms of communication such as instant messaging and social networking websites (Good old facebook). With the increasing popularity of handheld electronic devices such as the iPhone and Blackberries and alternatives such as Twitter and Facebook, emails are being seen as too slow, inconvenient and unfashionable. These social sites allow users to send a single message to all their friends at once, thereby saving time and money compared to text messaging or emailing (which requires typing in email addresses: what an effort!) and obviously, many teenagers would highly value this cost saving. But will email still have a paramount role in businesses?

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Discuss the pro’s and con’s of emailing as a form of business communication.
Do you use email and twitter/facebook to send messages for different things? If so, how can you see this being replicated in the world of business?

A classic example of YOU! You need to think about your life and in this case, how you YOU use technology to communicate and then apply that to the business world. In 5 years time you will be key players in businesses and other organisations and for the next 40 odd years. How will your generation change things from mine?