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Bized A useful site dedicated to Business Studies and economics in schools
Tutor2U Similar to the above, has some excellent topical blogs. A good gateway to topical stories.
Bite size revision The excellent BBC revision site.
BBC business news All the breaking news in International business.
CNN money CNN's version of the BBC business news site.
The Financial Times A more in depth look at business and economics issues
The Economist In depth mixture of business, economics, and politics
The Telegraph's business pages Home of some excellent (UK based) business stories, and my favourite 'Alex' cartoons
The Guardian business pages Similar to the above
The Undercover Economist Home to the most excellent Tim Harford. He writes for the FT, but you can find his witty and informative articles here.
The cost of being GREEN What is China’s real gross domestic product when the cost of pollution is subtracted? Recently the Chinese government tried to calculate a national “Green G.D.P.” and the new formula showed the soaring economy in a more sober light verbatimh from NYT)
Aplia eocn This an excellent economics blog. Loads of information presented in an interesting way.
In Business. A BBC radio programme that deals with a variety of issues in business. Well worth a listen. Always interesting!
Welker's wikinomics This is from the International School of Zurich (I think) and is aimed at IB Business and Economics students. I recommend, in particular, the discussion.
Ted talks. This is not specifically related to business, although it does have many clips related to business. Give your brain some exercise. THIS IS A FANTASTIC SITE, and is full of interesting stuff.