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IGCSE Syllabus :

Exam Stuff :

Bus IGCSE paper 1 Nov 05.pdf
Bus IGCSE paper 2 Nov 05.pdf
Comments Exam paper.doc

Revision notes :

IGCSE Business Studies Revision Guide.doc Adapted from stuff published by the exam board, it explains what they may ask about any particular topic
External business environment Revision notes.pdf
Organisations & Objectives Revision notes.pdf
Finance revision notes.pdf
Motivation & Management revision notes.pdf
Recruitment & Workers Revision notes.pdf
Marketing revision notes.pdf
Operations management revision notes.pdf

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Mind Maps IGCSE

Lessons :

1. Business and the environment in which it operates.
1.1 Business activity
1.2 The organization
1.3 Changing Business environment
1.4 Economic environment
2. Business structure, organization and control
2.1 Ownership and internal organization
2.2 Financing business activity
3. Business activity to achieve objectives
3.1 Marketing
3.2 Production (operations management)
3.3 Financial information and decision making
4. People in Business
4.1 Human needs and rewards
4.2 Manpower
5. Regulating and controlling business activity
5.1 Reasons for regulations
5.2 Influences on business activity