The purposes of this site are several fold...
  • Firstly, we use it as an electronic filing cabinet for our various resources
  • However, more than that, we would like it to be used as a way of developing a deeper understanding of the topics we teach. We want to interest people away from the syllabus. Not many people want to start a business. People want to start a fashion business or a music business or a whatever business. Business should be seen as a vehicle for being successful at whatever you are passionate about. We want to foster that passion.
  • Economics is much simpler. Almost every election is decided upon the economy. How can you vote or claim to have an opinion on this if you know nothing about economics. It is about being a functioning member of society!
  • Finally, we want to use the tools of the internet to enrich and deepen the learning experiences of our students and this is our first step down that road.

Below are some information booklets to help you choose the right course for you. If you want further guidance, then ask Mr Labuschange and I'll do my best to answer your questions. If you follow the links on the left and they will provide you with more resources and ideas.

We aim for all our courses to interest you. That is not the same as being fun or easy but we hope you do enjoy them and that they make you think.